New Releases

John Healy,
The Metal Mountain 

288 pages, 234 x 156mm, paperback with flaps
ISBN 978 1 901538 89 2
£14.95 (plus £2.50 p&p)
Signed casebound edition of 75 with a new short story £45.00/€55.00

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Past Publications



Carlyle Reedy 
Epos, a Song for Alaric 

£16.95/€25.00/£28.00 A “Song” for Alaric Sumner, made with mobile components representing incidents, ideas and topics within a luminosity and shadings.

Nicholas Johnson  
And Stood On Red Earth All A Round
A compendium of texts, including Pelt, Haul Song, The Lard Book, Pine Apple and Show.

John Hall

Unpublished and uncollected texts.

Tom Leonard
Definite Articles 
A gathering of Leonard’s literary, political and personal prose written between 1973 and 2012.

Fred Beake
The Bees of the Horizon 
This exquisite folio groups twelve translations from the French of Louis Aragon, Rene Char, Michel Deguy, Robert Desnos and Paul Valery.

Brian Catling
A Court of Miracles, Late Harping and Bobby Awl 
Three books covering Catling’s collected and uncollected poems.

Bob Cobbing 
* Shrieks & Hisses / Kob bok

One price for a pair of books; a collection of Cobbing’s concrete works.

John Daniel 
Missing the Boat
Selected Poems

Ed Dorn
High West Rendezvous: A Sampler
£9.50/€12.50/£15.00 Excerpts from ‘Rocky Mountain Spine,’ ‘Languedoc Variorum—A Defence of Heresy & Heretics, ‘Westward Haut—A Transit of the Far West.’

Ed Dorn  
Westward Haut

“Westward Haut is a poem of the Plains, using 1-80 as the kind of spine of the east and west. I’m treating it like the longest strip town in the world. It’s just like the motorized western expansion, but now it's not covered wagons and horses. It's people burning oil.”
                                       —Ed Dorn (2012)

Foil—Defining Poetry, 1985-2000
Edited by Nicholas Johnson, this extensive anthology gathers 33 poets and prose artists whose work defines contemporary attitudes to poetics.

David Gascoyne
Letter to an Adopted Grandfather
An eloquent, moving and ‘naked’ piece of writing, almost shocking in the excoriating honesty of Gascoyne’s rigorous self-examination.

Bill Griffiths
A Book of Split Cities
£9.50/€11.00/£12.50 Long poetic sequences on the reversion of the city; the evolution of the suburb; and the city in revolution.

Bill Griffiths
A Tour of the Fairground

£9.50/€11.00/£12.50 This collection brings together many of the finest of Bill Griffiths’ longer poems, including two quite new sequences, ‘A Tour of the Fairground’ and ‘The Violinist.’

John Hall
Else Here: Selected Poems
£12.50/€16.50/£20.00 John Hall’s poetry is razor sharp, cool & witty. Else Here possesses a classical finesse in reviving Tudor poetry & subtle adaptations of Projective Form.

Nicholas Johnson
Listening to the Stones
£8.50/€10.50/£14.50 New Caledonia is a French territory in the Pacific. In the 1980s the indigenous Melanesians sought independence. This work documents superstition, colonialism, and Chirac-sanctioned execution during that period of insurrection.

Tom Leonard
access to the silence
£9.00/€11.00/£14.00 With the publication of access to the silence, Etruscan Books has restored the collected poems of Tom Leonard to print.

Tom Leonard 
intimate voices

Email the editors for details.
Selected poems
paperback edition out of print.
[Cased edition, with additional material, available for £35]

Tom Leonard 
outside the narrative

Email the editors for details. Outside the Narrative (Poems 1965-2008) contains what Tom Leonard wishes to retain in print of the poetry in his two main collections Intimate Voices (1965-83) and access to the silence (1984-2004).

Helen Macdonald 
Shaler’s Fish

Email the editors for details. Paperback & cased editions out of print.

Rebecca E. Marshall 
Ways to Disappear

£9.00/€11.00/£14.00 Debut collection in the Etruscan ‘exhibition’ series.
Marshall’s first book of wordfilms, includes a DVD of her film-poem Mortar.

Stuart Montgomery
£8.50/€10.00/£12.50 Begun in the ‘60s, a piece of ‘Circe’ appeared in Poetry Chicago and the complete poem was published by Fulcrum Press in 1969. An early unfinished version of ‘Calypso’ was included in a Christmas supplement of the Poetry Book Society in 1976. Over the years Stuart Montgomery continued working on the poem which is now published for the first time as a complete poem. ‘Sirens’ was also written over many years. It was completed in the summer of 2004 and makes its first appearance in this book.

Wendy Mulford
and suddenly supposing
Selected Poems

Maggie O’Sullivan,
red shifts / Waterfalls
Red Shifts is a multi-textual, full-colour book, punky, volatile & dissenting. Collage & mapping, underpinned by a visceral, tactile (un)nerving text. 

Companioning red shifts, this publication of the complete Waterfalls bookwork at last presents both books that compose O’Sullivan’s poetic project
her/story: eye.

Tom Pickard
Introduction by Paul McCartney
Since High on the Walls (1967) Pickard’s always been a lone wolf; a dynamic & volatile writer. Spacious, sparse and of so few syllables, his poems & songs are visceral, slipping roughshed with sparks off their heels. Evoking border ballads, the territory of the outlaw, the reiver—in talking-blues, rants, lyrics & love poems—Fuckwind is a collection of works that live with suss & study diversity in adverse conditions. 

Seán Rafferty,
Review Sketches & Fragments
£14.95/€17.95/£24.95 Collected Poems in II Volumes—the poems of Seán Rafferty, indifferent to fashion & almost if not completely unrecognised during his lifetime, have the distinction of being increasingly appreciated as among the most enduring written during the middle years of the twentieth century. Rafferty’s poetry had long been admired by writers as diverse as Sorley MacLean, Harold Pinter, Hamish Henderson, Hugh MacDiarmid and Ted Hughes.

Carl Rakosi
The Earth Suite
Rakosi’s voice is puckish, deep, earthed & crystal clear. His art is to create a myriad of elegantly paced voices soldered to a deep wit. His music & diction never falter.

If there is any word that describes Rakosi's work of the past dozen years, it is joy. It is as if each poem he now writes were a gift, something above & beyond the life he has already lived.
                                   —Paul Auster 

Carl Rakosi
The Old Poet’s Tale
£9.00/€12.00/£15.00 Gathering work spanning 1924-98, an ambitious project featuring a key figure in the group of Jewish & Communist poets known as ‘The Objectivists.’ This book reconfigures previously published works, including 56 new poems & a new essay. 

Carlyle Reedy
Selected Poems 

Iain Sinclair
The Firewall 
Selected Poems

Saddling the Rabbit

16.95/21.95/24.95I recover my sense of London from these coded fragments in a way that considered prose pieces, fiction or essay, won’t allow... I don't want to give nostalgia a good press, but unframed, uncrimped effusions call up corners of lost worlds that are still usefully remembered... If it's not lived experience, it's not in the movie. Cinema and its bastard offspring, television, is the addiction, always... They were the double lives I wanted most, film and poetry. These tight-lipped scripts are about not getting them. And about the world, its tender body, as a consolation.”  
                                    —Iain Sinclair

Not even the Thousand Handed Giant could easily turn over all the poems and open half of the portals of intelligence in this book... This is the landscape of another realm. We are walking over a raw and smoking surface filled with surprises. All around are the possibilities of lost tribes bustling in the shadows.  The Firewall edges towards being a world rather than paper and pages. This is a rare jewel.”  
                                   —Michael McClure